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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there an annual registration fee?

Registration fees cover the many administrative costs that are incurred over and above the salaries of coaches. This includes, but is not limited to, facility rental, equipment, insurance, etc. We choose to collect these fees upfront at the beginning of each season.

Can my swimmer compete in USA Swimming meets with EDGE?

In the past, EDGE swimmers have competed as part of their club or school teams and worked with the swimming academy to supplement their training. New this 2021-2022 season, however, we are exploring the possibility of a few Racing Academy swimmers attending some select USA Swimming meets with EDGE coaches. Stay tuned!

What is your policy for missed classes?

In order to maintain high standards of customer expectations and to preserve the integrity of our programs, we do not provide make-ups, except lessons missed due to the facility being closed for public holidays or inclement weather conditions.

How does my swimmer get invited to be a part of the Racing Academy?

The Racing Academy is an INVITE-ONLY program. The selection process includes :

  • Times ( Summer League, USA, High School) EDGE coaches will look at a variety of times.  There is no set time standard, it is by Coaches' discretions.

  • Swimmer's work ethic

  • Overall picture of the swimmer's life.  (school,  family, extracurricular activities, etc...)

If you are interested in joining the Racing Academy, please reach out to Coach Mark to discuss. 

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